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“As IMARK’s 2011 member of the year, Dickman Supply has a reputation and responsibility to partner with only the best suppliers in the industry.
 In a three day window, we had our new Selecta inventory and display racks delivered and our old inventory picked up. We have found this process
 to be indicative of Selecta’s business model.

The benefits of the Selecta jars are numerous, but the single biggest benefit to us is having our company logo on the front of
the jars. Additionally, as a testament to the popularity of the color coded, wide mouth jars, we constantly have contractors
come in and ask us for empty jars for other uses. We’re also eager to offer our customers the new QR codes on our jars – an
invaluable marketing tool!

 These are the big reasons why our fastener business has more than doubled in a twelve month period!”

 Jason Borchers, Purchasing
 Dickman Supply

“Their conversion was very organized. New material was received one day and old material was returned the next. Crosses were
provided by Selecta and were accurate so we could load replacements in our system. The material was well marked not only with
part numbers but the jars were color coded by product type and easy to store. All jars were private labeled to help our customers

         remember Van Meter for their future needs. Overall it was one of the smoother transitions in which I have been involved.”

“What impressed us the most was Selecta’s ability to label       Vic Slaymaker, Product Line Manager
 it with the ‘VMI brand.’ I also like the color codes, which                      Van Meter Industrial
 makes a great solution to display the product in a practical
 way. It looks good and is easy for our customers to select              Van Meter selected the co-label design
 their products.”                                                        option with our ACORN logo at top.

 Allen Bean, Regional Customer Service Manager
 Van Meter Industrial

Pictured left to right: David Dean,     “Hearing things from our customers like the large mouth jars work great, or the color coded lids help us find what
Pat Roderick and Greg Laster of          we’re looking for faster is music to our ears. It’s also a plus that every time they pick up the jar, they see our name
Broken Arrow Electric Supply             and logo on it. With the same foot print on all of the jars it makes merchandising a breeze.”

       Broken Arrow also selected the    David Dean, Inventory Control Manager
       co-label design option with our   Broken Arrow Electric Supply

                   ACORN logo at top.   “After thirty plus years on the contractor side of the industry, the color coded jars from Selecta could not have made
                                         my transition to the sales side of the industry any easier. When customers place orders by lid color, you know you’ve
                                         hit one out of the park. I can’t wait to see what the next innovative product from Selecta will be.”

                                         Pat Roderick, Counter Manager
                                         Broken Arrow Electric Supply

                                        “The private labels have been a great marketing addition. It allows us to co-brand with Selecta and set us apart
                                         from other distributors at no additional cost to us. I like the idea of our customers seeing the Broken Arrow Electric
                                         Supply logo all day! In addition, the color coded lids make product selection easy for our customers and our
                                         displays look great!“

                                         Greg Laster, Director of Marketing
                                         Broken Arrow Electric Supply

“As an Independent Electrical Distributor, I’ve found that          “As a past winner of TED Magazine’s Best
 Selecta’s new color coded labels have accomplished several          of the Best for Merchandising, Warshauer
 things. In addition to keeping my name in front of our cus-     Electric was thrilled when presented with the
 tomers all day long, the product is easy to display and locate      new color coded jars by Selecta featuring
 by our customers.
                                                                         the Warshauer Electric corporate logo.
 Our customers also love the way they store in their trucks and
 vans. As we all become more aware of our impact on the            Jars with color coded labeling make it very
 environment, these jars can be reused for storage reducing      easy for us to merchandise, display and stack
 waste and keeping our name in front of our customers for
 even a longer period of time.“                                       in a neat and organized fashion, and our
                                                                    contractors love sturdy jars with screw on
 John Hannah, Vice President
 Williams Wholesale Supply                                                 lids which prevent loss and spillage.

                                                                 Most of our contractors keep the jars after emptying and tend to reuse
                                                                  them to store other things – keeping our name in front of them for an

                                                                                                                  even longer period of time!“

                                                                                                                  Jim Warshauer, President
                                                                                                                Warshauer Electric Supply

              SELECTA PRODUCTS, INC.                                                                                                              ii
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