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one stop shopping - consolidating vendors and orders
                                           One purchase order, one invoice, one receivable, one check to cut, one Rep
                                            and one Customer Service Department. Saves transaction costs and time!

                                        low combinable minimum order & free freight requirement
                                                                 All brands & products are fully combinable for our
                                                       $50 minimum order and $700 order free freight requirement.

                                                                                    two shipping locations
                            Standard ground service, from our Memphis, Tennessee and Tehachapi, California locations,
                                             reaches our distributors across the country in 2 days or less transit time.

                                                                                         same day shipping

                                                                                                 98% fill rate

                                                                                    customer service hours
                                                                        6 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday;
                                                                            6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Friday, Pacific Time.

                                                                              we sell only to distributors!

                                                                           Selecta is proud to be a Vendor/Supplier
                                                                             member of these great organizations,
                                                                             earning you full credits for all brands
                                                                       and products you purchase through Selecta.

                                                                                                    local reps
                                                                    Local NEMRA and ERA Reps that know you and
                                                                 your marketplace, call on you to serve your needs.

                                                                              outsourcing & bulk services
                                                You have access to all brand name products on orders of any volume
                                                               to meet the needs of your OEM and MRO customers.

                                                   Selecta offers Catalogs, POP Brochures, Line Cards & Promo Flyers
                                                       to help you identify your needs for our products and services.
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