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Providing Distributors With Complementary Brand Name Products For Over 30 Years

For most distributors, selling your bread-and-butter lines is a full time task. However, you also want to make sure your customers are fully satisfied with your service. Part of this involves outsourcing secondary, or nuisance products, for your accounts. As with many things in business, 80 percent of your costs can come from as little as 20 percent of your revenue. Selecta makes the sourcing of these secondary lines both efficient and profitable. One of the greatest benefits Selecta brings to you is a true partnership. We only sell to distributors and SELECTA WILL NEVER SELL DIRECTLY TO YOUR CUSTOMER. We routinely ship products to your end-customer with no fear that we will try to capture that business direct.

Selecta started in 1976 with its own great brand of secondary products that were difficult, if not impossible, for distributors to acquire efficiently due to minimum and other requirements. Not only did Selecta source these secondary products but we packaged the products in easy-to-sell bags. We provided free racks to put the products on. We provided beautiful display boards, with actual product on them, so that customers could actually SEE AND TOUCH what they wanted to purchase. We provided all this in a kit format of the fastest moving items so that you didn’t have to worry about stocking the wrong item, and we guaranteed that they would sell or we would take them back with no questions asked. Not only did we provide correct product with great sales and marketing tools, we gave you personalized service through an independent REP to help guide you when needed. We bring along the buying groups that you belong to so that you receive credit when purchasing through Selecta. We provide this with combinability and low free freight terms. We provide all this and more with the competitive pricing you need for today’s marketplace. We are unaware of anyone else who provides such a complete package for the products we sell.

From the onset we noticed an ever-increasing need for distributors to have the same access to great brand name products that are secondary to their main line. We quickly added Honeywell/Micro Switch to Selecta’s own brand and found this to be very helpful to our distributor partners. Through the years we have added such world class lines as Duracell, CRC, Maglite and many others. We will continue to do so in an ever widening group of products that allows each of our distributor partners to differentiate themselves from their competition.

Even though we perform all the above, we still have room for improvement. One comment that we often hear is that “I didn’t know you did that, or have that, or offered that service.” It is our hope through this web site that we can help you see all the services and products we offer to make your daily life easier. Many of these are at no extra cost. We are only truly successful if you are able to utilize all the great products and services we provide.